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Can Neon Signs Go Outside?

We explain what’s required to ensure our LED Neon Signs can be used outdoors in contact with rain/water!

Yes, we have a simple solution if you do want to use your LED Neon sign in an outdoor setting, where it will be exposed to rain/water. That is having us build an acrylic box around your sign, this will ensure no rain contact, and just to be sure we also apply silicon glue to the ends of the LED Neon to avoid any leakages etc.

How can I get an acrylic box built onto my sign?

Either tick the option box on the Custom Neon Builder, or if you’re speaking directly with a member of our team be sure to mention it via email. Your visual quote and invoice or payment link will also reflect this addition to your sign, so you can check in there if it will be included!

Can the acrylic boxes be opened once they are sealed?

No, unfortunately they cannot.

Can acrylic boxes be suspended?

No, and we wouldn’t really recommend trying!

What sort of transformer do you supply with an outdoor sign?

Typically we will provide an IP65 water-resistant driver that comes pre-wired, unless we or you specify otherwise.

How do you mount the acrylic boxed signs?

We router cut small holes on the backing plate of your sign and include small screws, so that your sign can be screwed directly into the flat surface behind the sign. See photos below.

What is the maximum size for an acrylic box?

Roughly 2m (or 6ft) in width would be the largest possible size, and we wouldn’t exceed 60cm (24 inch) in height. Depending on the size of your design we may also split the sign into multiple pieces/boxes to ensure it ships without damage.

Neon sign in waterproof transparent acrylic box

A side angle view of our transparent acrylic boxes.

Neon sign acrylic box mounting holes

The small holes on the sides of our acrylic boxes that allow the sign to be mounted. Silicon glue on the end caps can also be seen.

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