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Ever wondered how unboxing a custom Radikal Neon sign goes down?

When you receive a custom neon sign in the mail from Radikal, you already know it’s about to get lit - here you get a first person, genuine unboxing review (not sponsored by any means) of how that process goes down!

Watch as the awesome team at MS Videos unwraps and delves into the exciting world of Radikal. MS Videos share their reactions and insights in real-time, with thorough explanations of everything in the box and their final impressions - no holds barred.

Whether you're looking to see what you get out the box from Radikal Neon, or simply curious about the latest trends, this video offers a captivating glimpse into our Custom LED neon world. Sit back, relax, and join us as we embark on this exciting unboxing adventure together!

Watch it here!