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Top Neon Signs for Bars

Neon lights and bars just go together. Just try to think of a memorable bar that doesn’t have that iconic glow right out front. However, picking the perfect neon sign for your bar is going to be tough.

Plus, traditional neon is hard to maintain. They’re expensive, they burn hot, they’re heavy, they’re made with delicate glass tubes, and if it breaks, you’re getting toxic and dangerous chemicals everywhere — not to mention an eye-watering price tag for a specialist to come work on your sign. Worst of all, they fade in brightness, so you’re making a massive investment only to gradually lose it all.

That’s why if you’re looking for a neon sign that’ll glow brighter than the rest and capture the aesthetic of your bar, you should look into LED neon. These signs are built to last far longer than gas neon signs and are much easier to maintain. Plus, they’re far more affordable!

Here’s a quick look at the best neon signs you can get for your bar.

Custom Signs

Quirky fruits and naughty neon signs aside, the first bit of neon any good bar will invest in is a customized neon sign. Nothing really gets your name out there like a glowing beacon to grab the attention of potential customers. Even though it’s become somewhat of a cliche, there’s still tons of ways to stand out with your neon sign and make it your own. Experiment with different colors and mix it up to find a neon sign that really works for the bar.

Naughty Neon

If someone were to ask you to point to a bar that didn’t have a naughty neon light, you’d probably be hard-pressed to think of one. The popularity of these signs exists for a good reason: they naturally fit the vibe that most bars are going for. Naughty neon is a great way to get customers to loosen up with some good humor, and it sets the stage for a wonderful night ahead. The right neon sign for a bar can be as simple as a single word, or a middle finger that says it all.

Musical Signs

Not every bar is going for that loud, irreverent vibe — and that’s totally fine. The ideal neon light should fit the vibe that your bar is going for. A music neon sign might be a better fit for a bar that’s targeting more of a chill and laid back atmosphere. With a jukebox in the corner and a groovy playlist set for the night, all you really need is a lit guitar neon sign for the bar.

Theme-based Neon

There’s a lot more to creating a great bar atmosphere than just naughty signs and neon guitars. Sports bars, for example, tend to have a lot of sports-themed accessories hung up all over the place. Similarly, a neon sign to fit the theme that your bar is going for is always a great idea. Running a motorsport bar that screens F1 races? Throw up an AMG or Ferrari neon sign

On the other end of the spectrum we’ve got the mancave neon signs. Truth is, everyone deserves to have a place where they can really be themselves. Encourage your customers to be at home and have a wild night their own way with a neon light that makes the bar feel like home.

Off The Beaten Path

When all else fails, innovate. A fantastic way to stand out from the competition is to pick something off the beaten path. When it comes to neon signs for bars, there’s always a ton of choices. Putting up a nice quote, whether it’s a motivational ode to the daily grind or something quirky, can leave a lasting impression on your customers.

Pick Neon For A Good Time

The neon signs you use for your bar will determine the type of space you’re creating. Radikal Neon creates high-quality LED neon signs that help you make your space your own. Pick yours from a large collection of diverse neon signs, or design your own with our builder! Reach out today and define your vibe.