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The Best Fonts for Your LED Neon Sign

Choosing the perfect font for your custom neon sign is crucial. The right font will convey your brand messaging, as well as adding a touch of personality to your space. With our team of professionally trained graphic designers, we understand the importance of typography in creating eye-catching signs. Here are some of our favorite LED sign fonts!

You can see all of these fonts in action on our Custom Neon Sign Builder

1. Candy

Candy is designed to emulate the classic look of neon lights. Its rounded edges and smooth curves make it ideal for LED neon signs, giving them an authentic neon feel.

Best for:  Boutique eateries, bars & clubs, home decor.

2. Paritai

Paritai brings a touch of elegance and sophistication. The flowing, cursive lines are perfect for creating a stylish and modern look. This font works well for personalized signs, wedding decor, and boutique shops.

Best for: Weddings, salons, upscale retail stores.

3. Genuine

Genuine is clean and highly legible. It harkens back to an age where you’d find these style of signs on motels and pawnshops. It ensures that your message is clear and easy to read from a distance, making it perfect for business signs.

Best for: Storefronts, operational signs, satirical signs.

4. Fia

Our Fia font adds a personal, unique touch to your sign. It creates a friendly and approachable vibe, which is great for businesses that want to convey a casual and welcoming atmosphere. It also works great in the home, lounge or bedroom, as it creates a touch of distinct elegance.

Best for: Cafes, home decor, and creative studios.

6. Goldie 

Goldie evokes a sense of nostalgia and fun - it’s perfect for creating an enjoyable vibe! Goldie can be particularly appealing in office spaces or for brands that want to highlight their heritage, whilst providing a sense of fun.

Best for: Restaurants & bars, offices, weddings.

Choosing the Right Font

When selecting a font for your LED neon sign, consider the following factors:

  • Readability: Ensure that the font is easy to read from a distance and in various lighting conditions.

  • Style: Choose a font that matches the aesthetic and tone of your space or brand.

  • Size: Consider the size of your sign and how the font will appear when scaled up or down.

Whether you’re aiming for a modern, elegant, bold, or nostalgic look, our experienced design team is here to help you choose the best font and bring your neon vision to life. Ready to get started? Check out our custom builder tool and design the perfect sign for your space!