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How Long Does It Take To Make a Neon Sign?

We explain the process behind making an LED Neon sign, and when you can expect to receive it!

No matter what you decide to make we have two lead time options for both urgent and non-urgent projects!

If my project is urgent?

If your sign is required urgently for an event, gift or just because you’d like it a whole lot sooner we offer our Expedited Lead Time option.

For an added $145 we will produce and dispatch (or have ready for collection) your sign in 2 weeks and under - this can even mean 7-days in some cases - from the date of deposit or full-payment.

Producing an LED neon sign typically takes no longer than 2 - 3 days once the project has commenced, then we test the sign for up to 48 hours to ensure there are no electrical defects. Once this process is complete your sign is boxed up and ready to go!

If your sign is required urgently please select the ‘Urgent’ tick box in either of our submission options and we will tend to it urgently ahead of other non-urgent requests to ensure you receive your sign on time!

Neon sign design and build

A high-quality, fast bonding glue is used to adhere the LED to the acrylic backing.

This short video here focuses on the repair of a defective part of the Je t’aime sign. An insight into how we work.

If my project is not urgent?

If your LED neon sign is not urgent then we will automatically use our standard lead time. Our standard lead time is between 3 - 4 weeks from the date of payment for both production and courier. 

Sometimes our standard lead time is also a bit faster than 3 - 4 weeks depending on the time of the year. During winter months we typically have more production capacity, whereas during summer we typically have less capacity as demand spikes.

Feel free to mention which date you’d require your sign and we’ll see if we can meet that date without using our expedited service - or just to make a note of when you’d like it!

Not only is this a major benefit to the planet but it means our signs are not only cheaper to buy but cheaper to run too, meaning they’re a major benefit to your wallet!

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