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How To Use Neon Signs For Your Event Lighting

Looking to set up an event that guests just won’t be able to forget? There are tons of creative ways to use neon signs for event lighting, whether you’re partying it up with neon lights or throwing something classy.

Kick It Off With LED

From lighting up a flashy new banner for your event to decorating the live bar, LED neon signs are ideal for event lighting.

With potentially hundreds of guests milling around the event and multiple electrical appliances running at once, the last thing you want at a party is to make people uncomfortable with heat. LED signs work around this by being energy efficient and burning brighter—not hotter—than the competition.

Set Up Events

A truly memorable night has something for everyone. Neon lights can help you set up distinct activity booths all around the venue and encourage your guests to try a little bit of everything.

For example, you can use neon as event lighting for a photobooth. Hang up a ‘Good vibes only’ neon sign to make your guests feel welcome and set the tone for a wholesome (but fun!) night. Alternatively, you can also liven up the bar with a cheeky ‘Open Bar’ sign and keep the drinks flowing.

A Performance To Remember

What’s a party without a performance? This time, go beyond the usual stage party lights with neon. You can line up the walkway and the stage itself with well-placed strips, and hang up a music neon sign to let everyone know it’s time to jam out.

Custom Event Lighting

Celebrating a birthday or a recent success at work? Custom’s the way to go. Custom LED event lighting can add a special touch to any party by showing that special someone how much you care.

If you’re going with custom neon signs, make sure you’re working with an experienced team. The right experts can make the most of LED, bringing your vision to life with a deft touch. You should also ideally receive a design proof beforehand so you know exactly what you’re getting.

Make It Memorable With Radikal

Special nights deserve special lights. Light up your party with neon for an event unlike any other. Whether you’re showing your love for a special someone or celebrating a closed deal, neon can easily be customized to suit the occasion.

If you’d like to customize a neon sign for event lighting, check out Radikal Neon®. The experts at Radikal have crafted thousands of incredible neon signs for events across the globe. Reach out today to find out how we can light up your event in style.