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Can Neon Signs Be Repaired?

We explain what the process behind repairing an LED Neon sign, should any repairs or adjustments be required.

Yes, our LED Neon signs can absolutely be repaired, it all just depends on the issue.

Unlike the traditional glass & gas neon that can be time-consuming and provide heart-stopping repair costs, our signs are typically much simpler to repair, and considerably cost-effective - or free if under warranty!

If you’re enquiring about repairing a traditional gas neon, we unfortunately no longer offer this service, however we’d be more than happy to make you a new friendlier LED neon sign!

Some typical issues with LED Neon Signs include short-circuiting, loose connections and faulty transformers - all of these issues are covered by the 2-year electrical warranty included on all of our custom signs.

Repairing a short-circuit

We firstly identify this issue by powering the sign to diagnose the cause - if the transformer’s status light is flashing this generally tells us there is a short in the sign. Occasionally this could have been caused by an electrical surge while the customer has had the sign connected, and outside of our control.

We’ll systematically begin removing cables in the sign to isolate the short-circuit. When found we will simply re-cut a new letter (or section) of Super Rad LED Neon, remove the faulty LED Neon and replace it with a brand new section.

This short video here focuses on the repair of a defective part of the Je t’aime sign.

A neon sign being repaired

An LED Neon sign with a loose pin connection. After removing the end cap we are able to replace or repair the damaged/faulty pins.

Repairing loose connections

Occasionally some parts of the LED Neon Sign or the entire sign will no longer illuminate unless the cable or wire going into the section/sign is moved or jiggled.

This is due to either rough treatment during courier, vandalism of the sign or insufficient quality control prior to dispatch.

What we typically do is remove the loose cable, widen the ports it need to fit into, replace the cable/wire and placing it deeper into the port than previously and using a sufficient amount of fast sealing glue to hold it safely in position.

Again we will then keep the sign illuminated for 2 - 3 days to ensure the issue is fully fixed before handing the sign back to the customer.

Replacing faulty transformers

Sometimes transformers we supply from our certified supplier do not last as long as expected.

On occasion transformers can last 10 - 20 seconds from the first time they are powered, and seemingly refuse to power again. Also if a sign/transformer is powered perpertually with no switch-off periods it can overheat and die, this can typically happen after 1-year of endless use.

To diagnose this we check the status light situated on the transformer. If it is not illuminated, then the transformer has perished - sad.

In this case depending on the warranty, we’re more than happy to send you out a new one - or alternatively they are available for purchase from your Radikal representative if the issue is deemed to have happened through misuse. Alternatively, get in touch via and we’ll see what we can do for you.

No issue is ever something we can’t repair or replace!

Transformers used to power the signs

Two enclosed transformers in varying sizes for different sized signs.

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