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Can Neon Signs Be Dimmed?

We explain how simple it is to dim our LED Neon signs!

Yes, our signs can be dimmed with no issue, as we use a dimmable SMD LED - the Rad Super Mini LED Neon.

Using our select and battle tested Dimmer Remotes, we recommend both our Medium Dimmer Remote or our Large Dimmer Remote. Depending on the wattage of your sign will indicate which remote is best.

Which sized Dimmer Remote should I buy?

Our Medium Dimmer Remote is best for signs under 45 watts, whereas our Large Dimmer Remote is best for signs under 72 watts. The wattage of your sign will be located on your Concept Line Drawing supplied with your visual quote.

If you’re still unsure which remote is best for your sign, ask us right here.

If your sign is over the wattage threshold of the Medium and Large remotes we may have some other suggestions for you. But if not, some alternative ideas are rotary dimmer switches that our electrical installation contractors or your sparky can install for you - but remember that those larger variants of dimmers require dimmable drivers too. Our signs aren’t supplied with dimmable drivers - just classic 12v transformers.

Medium sign dimmer remote

Medium Dimmer Remote

$65 NZD

Buy Now
Large sign dimmer remote

Large Dimmer Remote

$89 NZD

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Neon sign used as bedroom night light

The dimming ability make our lights the best custom night lights emitting very little light if required.

Can I still get and use a dimmer remote after my sign has been produced and delivered?

Yes, that’s not a problem! We wire both of our trusted dimmer remotes receivers with Male & Female plug ends to connect in between the transformer & the power lead of the sign itself. Making it simple to add long after you’ve received your sign if you’re finding it too bright!

Why would I want a dimmer remote?

Because they give you full control of your new sign!

It can turn your neon sign from a stunning light into a dynamic, environment warping tool. Dimming the light can provide an immersive experience, while being a brilliant reading light or nightlight for kids - or yourself, we don’t judge!

Can your dimmer remotes make the sign flash, flare or generally animate?

Yes, only our Large Dimmer Remote has the ability to turn your sign into a eye-catching store front fixture or a full blown center of attention at the party.
It has modes such as pulse, flare and flash amongst others. The speed can be turned up and down too!

Which batteries do your dimmer remotes use?

Large dimmer: A23
Medium dimmer: 2032 button
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