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Get Inspired With These Cool Neon Light Ideas Below

With so many different lighting options at your disposal, finding the right ideas is key to getting the most out of your new LED neon lights. Looking for some help in your journey? Check out our neon sign inspiration gallery below and use thecolour buttons to filter ideas by your favourite colour. Regardless of whether you’re decorating an outdoor space, an entertainment room, or the front of a business, we have inspiring ideas for everyone.

Select a colour to see examples of it in real life:


Their love is electric, quite literally 💓

The beers aren’t the only thing that will get your glow on @smokeandfireofficial 🍻

Neon nights and cozy nights at the @staylylo 😴

Call us early, but we’re so egg-cited for Easter that we created this sweet way to celebrate 🐰 Come by our Herne Bay store to indulge 🍫

In a world full of black and white, Emma's bedroom is a technicolor dream - and we’re here for it 🌈

Where the good times glow 🥂

Streaming into the night with this neon delight 🌟

You’ll find us riding with @aviatornation 🚴‍♀️

Yeah, clear backings on our signs are cool - but have you ever thought about making it a feature in black acrylic like we’ve done here with the Los Angeles skyline cut out of it? 🌃

The team at @hokeypokeyla letting Beverly Hills indulge in NZ's best kept secret 🍦

You may have also noticed a sign in these photos that isn’t like the others! It’s a set of illuminated letters, which amongst a new range of signage products we offer, you’ll be seeing a bit more of! Currently these new offerings are just available in Canada & the US 🇨🇦 🇺🇸

North, where the neons are bright and the blow waves are pretty 💇‍♀️

Go on, ask us about that sign you’ve been thinking about 👋

You’ll be leaving here with that tranquil after glow 🌟

‘tis the season 💍

Your space, your slice of paradise 🌻

It’s Friday, what wouldn’t Lucy do 🤭

Appropriately coloured in our Arrowtown Golden Yellow; this sign, location and colour pairing have never been in better harmony! 🌟

New Year, New Neon? Make your space feel brand new for that new year 🌱

Getting buzzed the beetter way 🐝

Taking a stroll down memory lane and illuminating some of @incarceratedjerkfaces most nostalgic icons for their latest show 🍩 Stoked to be a part of it!


Shine a Light On Fresh Ideas From Radikal Neon

Cool neon light ideas abound in our inspiration gallery to help you find the right way to use our LED neon lights in your space. Whether you have an idea that you want to see in action or you’re choosing between multiple sign options, our inspirational neon gallery gives you the extra support you need to make the right lighting choice.

Establish a Vibe With Radikal Neon

Our neon signs aren’t just made for lighting; they’re designed for expression. Whether you want to inspire, cultivate peace, decorate your bar area, or even forge your own path with a unique design, our cool neon lights offer you everything you need to personalize your space.

Radikal Neon Is Accessible to Everyone

The world should share in the glow of neon. We make this happen by offering you access to great discounts, affordable pricing through LED design, and free shipping worldwide! Just order your favorite design, receive it in a couple of weeks, and hang it in your favorite area!

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