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Radikal Neon x your custom neon graphics?

your custom neon graphics?

Neon merchandise made easy.

We've worked with brands, artists, and influencers across the world. Create legendary pieces of unique merchandise that sell across a wide range of consumer categories with Radikal.

How it works?

It's simple.

We Design

Upload a design, craft your own, or have our design team assist with your vision! If you're not sure exactly what you're looking to create, you can check out the neon graphics and signs on our LED inspiration gallery for some help. We also suggest your RRPs (Recommended Retail Prices) based on our much lower cost-to-you pricing too.

We Sample

When you're happy with your design, we send you a sample of the LED Neon graphic you'd like to sell - at no cost. You can use it to build hype, promote, and take product photos.

You Sell

Once we've designed the custom neon sign for your business, it's time to sell as many as you can! Then once you're ready, send us a quantity order and we'll only make as many as you sell, so you don't have to guess the amount you'll sell or hang onto any stock. The more you sell, the cheaper they get too!

Discover Radikal Neon

Founded in 2016, Radikal Neon has soared in popularity as we share our passion for LED Neon graphics across the world. Radikal Neon isn't just known for its high-quality, custom LED signs for businesses. We're defined by a set of powerful company values that make your experience the best one possible:

  • Affordable Neon Signs for Everyone: Our mission wouldn't be very successful if neon lights weren't accessible to everyone. Our signs are affordable, and we offer great discounts to knock the price down even further. Tired of dealing with high shipping costs? Radikal Neon makes free shipping the standard no matter where you're¬†based.

  • Emphasizing Safety and Convenience: Traditional neon is nostalgic, but it's not the best source of light. Prone to breaking, requiring lots of energy, and generating quite a bit of heat, traditional neon is out. Our signs emulate the classic glass tubing and electrified gas of traditional neon with LED lighting covered with translucent PVC tubing. You get all the beauty of neon lighting without any of the¬†risks.

  • Great Customer Service and Attention to Detail: From conception to delivery, we take pride in offering superior customer service alongside incredible LED Neon graphic design. We pack each sign with care, offer a 2-year to protect your sign, offer repair services on electrical issues, and produce your favorite pieces quickly to get them to you even¬†faster.

When it comes to neon lighting, Radikal Neon is simply the best. You can learn more about us by visiting our FAQ page!