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Get Inspired With These Cool Neon Light Ideas Below

With so many different lighting options at your disposal, finding the right ideas is key to getting the most out of your new LED neon lights. Looking for some help in your journey? Check out our neon sign inspiration gallery below and use thecolour buttons to filter ideas by your favourite colour. Regardless of whether you’re decorating an outdoor space, an entertainment room, or the front of a business, we have inspiring ideas for everyone.

Select a colour to see examples of it in real life:


Making sure we’ve got the perfect glow for your perfect night 💍

A little charm goes a long way, especially in neon 🌟

Blooming bright right in the heart of Toronto, with @kingwestflowers 💐

Illuminate your ideas under the glow of one of ours signs, just like Sarah did! 💫

We’ve teamed up with the phenomenal team at Make-A-Wish to celebrate an important milestone - the anniversary of their first ever wish!

To show our love for an organisation we’ve been longtime supporters of, we’ll be joining Make-A-Wish NZ to try and help even more sick Kiwi kids receive their wish this World Wish Month with two exclusive signs. With all proceeds going directly to Make-A-Wish NZ.

Click the link in our bio to check out the two unique designs we have, and to make some more wishes come true 💫

When your classy dinner plans involve a neon sign that screams ‘finger lickin’ good’... you know you’re in for a treat! 🍗

📸: @radlab_

A few weeks back we had the absolute pleasure of getting the party started with @edenparknz for @pink big fiesta!

The visionaries at Eden Park always have the best ideas, and we get a real rush bringing them to light. We raise a glass to the real star of the show here @marcuswatson__ behind the brush, just him and his hand on the mural work - our neons are only the cherry on top this time around!

Heck of a project, some would say it’s f*ckin perfect!💞

Introducing the twins! We’ve embraced the future in classic Radikal fashion with matching hot pink Tesla Cybertrucks!

We’re all about energy efficiency at Radikal Neon - with LED as our medium of choice - so it just makes sense to upgrade the fleet to something a little more electrifying. Better yet, these space aged warthogs feature a driverless mode, meaning we’ll be able to answer your emails even quicker while getting around the city. Not only energy efficient after all 💨

Catch us around, turning heads and saving the planet! 🌸🌸

Few shots of our handywork knocking out the @roadhousemovie premier in NYC with @thenotoriousmma & @jakegyllenhaal 🥊

Also, in the final 2 shots were confident that Conor is adamant on telling Jake about just how impressed he is with the quality of our neon signs 🫡

When your love is electric! ⚡️

Flower walls & neon signs go together like PB & J - the perfect complimentary combo 🌸🌺

Electrifying love under the neon glow 💍

Feeding your appetite with a side of neon glow 🌟

You can guarantee the @your.marriage.awaits podcast will be sharing some illuminating insights now! ✨

A bitta glow & a bitta dough go hand in hand 🤝

They’re spicing up the streets, one bite at a time - while we’re doing the same thing, one light at a time 🌶️

We’re back and we’re ready to light up absolutely anything you can throw at us - let it begin! 🥳

As we spin the block on another year, we reflect on what the hell happened in these last 12-months, and it’s a lot! Goals smashed, truck loads of epic new clients - and we even opened a brand new business to complement Radikal Neon, appropriately named Radikal Signs!

But this year for our wrap up post we reflect on the people on the inside of Radikal that make it tick - those that really brighten your days, literally!

So enjoy the handpicked snaps we’ve collated showing the team in their element, as we shed a little more light on those faces in our engine room. If this heartwarming series of snaps isn’t the best Christmas gift you’ll receive this year, then we don’t know what is. 🎄

As the saying goes, the brighter the lights, the bigger the gains 💪

Undoubtedly one of our favourite projects this year! Sitting proud in central Auckland, the geniuses at @pitchblackpartners have optimised their window space with a letter in each, wrapping right around the frontage of their building - and better yet these letter change colours! Pictured here they’re celebrating Christmas, and we can’t get enough 🎄

Bright ideas being brought to life in 3D by the @true2life3d team 🤯

Shine a Light On Fresh Ideas From Radikal Neon

Cool neon light ideas abound in our inspiration gallery to help you find the right way to use our LED neon lights in your space. Whether you have an idea that you want to see in action or you’re choosing between multiple sign options, our inspirational neon gallery gives you the extra support you need to make the right lighting choice.

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Our neon signs aren’t just made for lighting; they’re designed for expression. Whether you want to inspire, cultivate peace, decorate your bar area, or even forge your own path with a unique design, our cool neon lights offer you everything you need to personalize your space.

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