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How to Use Neon Signs for Salons

Salons are the go-to place for when you’re looking to relax and prepare yourself for the coming week with an energizing treatment. To create that relaxing vibe while standing out on the street, you’re going to have to think outside the box with neon signs for your salon. Use this guide to get inspired and elevate your decor with the neon touch.

Style With LED

Nailing interior design for a beauty salon is easier said than done. With hundreds of customers going in and out of your salon throughout the day and multiple appliances running at the same time, you’re bound to be concerned about heat and noise ruining that relaxing atmosphere you’re looking to create.

Traditional neon signs only add to that problem with their signature buzzing sounds and long-term heat emissions. That's why you should only use LED neon signs in your salon. Made from efficient diodes that can stay cool even after running all day, these signs are easy to install and run brighter than the competition, while also helping you save on overhead costs.

Inspire With Neon

Customers usually go to salons to feel beautiful and recharged after a tough week. Clever interior design can elevate your beauty salon to a place where your customers feel inspired after every visit.

An easy way to do this is by hanging up a quote in an easily visible spot, such as above the waiting area. When in doubt, keep your salon wholesome with this come as you are neon sign.

Tap Into That Inner Beauty

Real beauty is all about what’s inside. You don’t have to splurge and go big on every neon sign for your salon. Instead, look for opportunities to hang up something small and eye-catching. Going subtle with your neon choices is an easy way to turn heads while also staying tasteful with your decor.

You’ve got tons of room for experimentation here. You can start by adding a neon strip to your window display and highlight your trending looks and products, grabbing attention and giving people a reason to walk in. Or, you could keep it subtle with a namaste neon sign to create an inviting salon atmosphere.

Customize Your Signs

Businesses often run the risk of coming off as cliché and uninspired by sticking to the usual tried-and-tested designs. If you’re going to be using neon signs for your beauty salon’s interior design, custom LED neon signs are the way to go.

It doesn’t take long to make a custom neon sign, and the benefits are definitely worth it. A great place to start is to turn your logo into a custom LED logo sign for the storefront. Or, you could always get creative and show off a trending hairstyle by bringing it to life in neon.

Beautify Your Salon With Radikal Neon®

Whether your salon thrives on handing out the best manicures on the street or being the talk of the town with impeccable hair styling, getting a neon sign for your salon is one of the best things you can do for your customers and your business.

Neon signs and salons go hand-in-hand, but finding the perfect sign for your particular establishment can be a challenge. If you’re looking to customize your neon sign with a team of trusted experts, choose Radikal Neon®! We’ve helped thousands of businesses grow with stylish and high quality designs that stand out effortlessly. Contact us today to find out how we can help you.