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How Are Neon Signs Installed?

We explain how simple it can be to install our LED Neon signs, no electrician required!

Our signs are as simple to install as hanging a painting - a painting that plugs in and glows! You won’t need an electrician for this one - but we can arrange one if you’d like!

What installation options do I have?

When buying any custom signs from Radikal Neon you will get the opportunity to select either the Hanging Wires & the Stand-off mounting screws, each option is totally complimentary. We also make freestanding signs - we use acrylic to help signs stand alone.

How to install an LED Neon sign using our Mounting Screws? (Drill Required!)

The mounting screws are great for surface installations like walls for example - this is the most commonly selected installation method.

Step 1:
Take your sign only and place it flat up against the intended wall or space (if it’s super long or heavy please ask a friend for assistance).
Step 2:
While one person is holding the sign use a marker pen to dot holes in the wall where the mounting holes have been drilled in the acrylic backing - this will be super helpful when you get the drill out next.
Step 3:
Place the sign back in the box or on a safe surface to avoid scratching the acrylic backing - get your drill equipped with a twist drill bit and drill pilot holes exactly on the points your marked on the wall using your marker in step 2.
Step 4:
Pick up the mounting pin and unscrew it. Use the longer hollow base of the mounting pin and place it up against the previously drilled pilot hole, place the smaller silver securing screw through the hollow entry. Now with a new screwdriver drill bit, screw the small silver securing screw directly through the hollow base and into the wall securing the hollow base into the wall. Do this until all hollow bases are secured on the wall.
Step 5:
Now get your sign and place it up against these bases and hopefully you’ve lined them up correctly. Then simply grab the remaining wider screw and screw into each base securing the sign to the wall - make sure they’re tight!
Step 6:
You’re all done! Now plug the sign into the transformer (black box), and then into the wall and it should illuminate no problem.
Girlboss and christmas tree free standing signs

The ‘Girlboss’ sign uses our mirrored acrylic free-stand (detachable) for larger signs. Our ‘Xmas Tree’ uses our mini acrylic free- stand for smaller signs (detachable).

Explanation of sign mounting screws
Explanation of sign hanging wires
How installed hanging wires look holding a sign

How to install an LED Neon sign using our hanging wires? (Drill Required!)

The hanging wires are great for shopfront installations or installing suspended from above.

Step 1:
Take your sign and measure the distance between the two (or three) hanging holes located near the top of the sign - drilled into the acrylic backing.
Step 2:
Mark this distance out on the horizontal surface the silver vertical mounts will be drilled into. Dot the start of the distance and the end too. These will be where the centre of the mount sits.
Step 3:
Get the silver vertical mounts and place them on the overhead surface, with the centre of it sitting directly on the point you marked out. You will notice 3 screw holes around the edges of the hanging mount. Use the marker again and mark those holes out for drilling!
Step 4:
Grab your drill equipped with a twist drill bit and drill pilot holes exactly on the points your marked on the overhead surface using your marker in Step 3. Then using your screwdriver drill bit and the silver mount, drill the smaller silver screws and the mount into the overhead surface securing it to the surface.
Step 5:
Next grab the 2 meter long plastic coated hanging wires that also came with your sign and measure out how far down you want your sign to hang. Using pliers cut each wire to the desired hang length - leave a little extra (6cm) for the crimped loop that will hold the sign.
Step 6:
You can simply attach the wires to the mount by pushing down on the spring powered mouth of the mount and feeding the wire in - release the mouth and the wire will grip and be stuck firmly in the mount.
Step 7:
Using the super small double barrel ferrules (or crimps) place one on the end of the wire, then place the wire through the hole of the sign, loop the wire around the sign and stick it back through the small metal crimp. Once done, quickly use the plier and squish the metal crimp horizontally across to lock it in. Repeat this for the other hanging wires too!
Step 8:
You’re all done! Now plug the sign into the transformer (black box), and then into the wall and it should illuminate no problem.

Can I wire my sign into a lightswitch in my home?

Yes, you sure can! This is beneficial to both having simpler control over the sign using a lightswitch, but also provides a cleaner look with no power cables hanging down.

We highly recommend an electrician to do this - we offer electrical contractors who can help do this for you. Just get in touch via for your area’s recommendation.

All of our signs are 12 volt (except RGB signs that are 24 volt) and easy for an electrician to install. Most of the time to hardwire a sign there will need to be a cavity behind the wall an electrician can access - this is very important otherwise it can be near impossible to hardwire the sign.

Please note that hardwiring a sign voids it’s 12-month warranty as if it faults it can be hard for us to establish the cause.

On neon sign with concealed power leads

The ‘On’ LED Neon sign pictured has its power leads concealed in the cavity behind the sign. It is wired directly to a light switch.

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