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Neon Signs for Offices

Radikal Neon® wants to help you capture all the workplace vibes with our 100% customizable or pre-designed LED neon signs. Who said office wall art needs to be drab? Make your modern office decor pop with our durable and eye-catching neon signs.

Our high-quality pieces will set the tone for your best workday, increase productivity, and make your office space one you actually enjoy working in. Get free worldwide shipping when you choose Radikal®. Our 5-star Google ratings mean you can rely on our team to deliver work ambience that will uplift staff and keep your business successful.

Light Up Your Office Wall With Neon Art in 4 Quick Steps

Step 1
Design Your Sign

Start designing your sign right now or upload your own design! Are you going for motivation or inspiration? Consider the vibe you're going for as you create.

Step 2
Choose a Color

Certain colors bring out certain moods. Cool tones bring efficiency and focus while warm tones inspire creativity and optimism.

Step 3
Pick a Size

There is no LED neon office wall art too big or too small. Think about where you're hoping to place your modern office decor for the perfect fit!

Step 4
Place Your Order

Designed your perfect neon office art? Selected your colors and sizes? Place your order and get ready to enhance your workspace!

What's included in the box?

1 Ready to Glow LED Neon Sign
1 Wall Mounting Screw Kit
1 Power Supply
1 Region-Specific Wall Plug
We'll provide the correct wall plug depending on your location too!

Design Radikal Modern Office Decor

Radikal Neon® is the world's leading producer of LED neon signs. When the work vibes just aren't it, you can take your office wall art from drab to fab with our fully-customizable and durable neon signs. 

Design your sign and get an instant quote
Create neon office wall art in minutes
Secured payment systems for every purchase
Fast and free shipping anywhere in the world

How to Use Neon Signs as Office Wall Art

Modern Office Decor Brings the Energy

Far too many office workers find themselves in a midday slump, lacking motivation, and daydreaming of their weekend plans. However, the happier your employees are, the happier your office space will be. This is sure to lead to greater success in your business. By purchasing the right office wall art, you can maximize your ROI and improve your employees quality of life. If your staff are excited to come to work every day, your business is sure to thrive.

Highlight Your Mission with Office Wall Art

If your office vibe is less than ideal, maybe you need to re-align with your company mission. Introducing decor that reinforces your company's values and mission could be the best way to help boost your employee's performance and the success of your business. No one is going to thrive if they forget the reason behind what they're doing. Put your company's mission statement on the wall in bold neon or light up your core values and include those throughout the office.

The Best Modern Office Decor Is Multi-Use

You don't need to simply hang up your office wall art and leave it there to collect dust. Make the most out of your neon sign! When your company is hosting holiday events, participating in fundraising activities, or needs to take press release photos, keep your sign front and center. You can increase brand recognition and draw in new clients and customers with the right neon signs.

Revitalize Your Break Space with Neon

LED lights can be used in multiple areas in your office space. You can brighten up your cafeteria or break area to reinvigorate your staff during a long workday. When the midday slump hits and your employee's performance starts to drop, they can take some time to relax, decompress, and revitalize themselves for the rest of their day. Radikal Neon®'s modern office decor can set the tone for your entire team's day!

Frequently Asked Questions About Neon Signs in the Office

Are all neon signs from Radikal Neon® LED?