Are Neon Signs Dangerous?

We explain why our signs are totally safe, both for humans and the environment alike!

Thankfully, LED Neon signs are not dangerous!

Our signs are low voltage (12 volts), they produce minimal heat so they’re safe to touch – even when they’ve been on for all week! There is also zero glass in our product as we use our Rad Super Mini LED Neon, which has a similar feel to a piece of rubber tube, and all signs are attached to an acrylic backing which for the most part are also hard to break.

On the chance that you do damage your LED neon sign, it will likely be the acrylic backing the cracks, the PVC tube that houses the LEDs is near impossible to smash open. It will not shatter like traditional neon, which is a glass tube and could easily be hazardous. We certainly would not recommend using Traditional Neon signs in a kids room for example - but our LED Neon signs are a perfectly safe option.

So safe that they are used in kids’ room, and totally touchable.

Our LED Neon signs use so little electricity compared to traditional neon signs that we had to put it right above the door to our showroom.

How are they safe for the environment too?

Our signs specifically use low power-consuming LEDs.

The use of LEDs is considerably more environmentally friendly than the mercury or argon often found in traditional neon signs.

The main eco-friendly contributor is the use of our Rad Super Mini LED Neon. It consume very little power, therefore leaving a considerably smaller emissions, particularly when compared to traditional neon. Our signs typically use less electricity than a standard 30 - 80w light bulb.

Not only is this a major benefit to the planet but it means our signs are not only cheaper to buy but cheaper to run too, meaning they’re a major benefit to your wallet!

I was dealing with Tom and he was super helpful and fast getting back to me. I love how you can do a mock up of your design on their website and get a quote. My website quote was spot on for what I actually paid. Got contacted by their design team quickly and our sign arrived well within the time frame they said it would. And it’s even better than what’s we thought it would be! Well priced, good service and great product!!

Abigail Jenkins

a month ago

The Radikal Neon team are just the best! Tom dealt with a lot of back and forth from me about getting the sign absolutely perfect, he always had patience and time for me after many many changes. The sign came and it's everything I could've ever dreamed of, the workman ship is amazing and seeing the concept come to life in exactly the way I had imagined it is simply amazing. Thanks team!

Liv Kerr

a month ago

My partner Chloe and I ordered a custom neon for our wedding & absolutely love it! Tom was fantastic to deal with, very happy with the final result. Thanks again, Tom. Can’t wait to unleash it in March! 👏

Anthony Krieger

6 months ago