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Want a free
Radikal Neon™ sign? We collab with brands!

Find out how you can work with Radikal Neon to
bring your neon dreams to life, for free.

Experience Neon

Neon is back, baby. When it comes to building an established brand for your followers, or if you’re simply trying to make your space more exciting, neon signs are the next big thing. Get on the #neonaesthetic train and find the joy of creating neon in your own image by collabing with us!

Why Radikal Neon?

When you work with the team at Radikal Neon, you're guaranteeing yourself the highest quality design and highest quality LED Neon sign - with a robust support network included.

We collab with brands that understand the value that LED Neon lighting and Radikal have to offer. Enlisting the help of Radikal Neon to design your own unique space means:

  • Enjoying a safe and energy-efficient alternative to traditional neon lighting

  • Accessing affordable pricing and great discounts to help you personalize your home or business

  • Working with one of the fastest producing LED companies in the world for speedy sign creation and shipping

  • Staying protected with a durable design, careful packaging, and a 2-year warranty

  • Easily installing your new lighting by just plugging it in and hanging it up to illuminate your space and create your own atmosphere

What are you waiting for? Reach your audience with your own branded neon signs now!

Who can apply?

We collab with brands who have the same passion for engaging aesthetics and neon lighting that we do. If you're an influencer of any type on any platform, get in touch with us! You can learn more about our signs in our FAQ page!

Contact details

How does it work?

It's simple.

Tell us what you'd like

Our team loves collabing with brands and learning what they need. Provide us with some of your own designs using our custom neon builder, or have our design team come up with some designs for you! We’ll then produce a range of designs for you to approve. You can check out our inspiration gallery and our product collection to learn more about the wide range of neon signage we produce as well.

We send it to you

We take your chosen design and bring it to life! Once it's all crafted up and ready to go, we package it up and send it to your address anywhere in the world for free.

Show your sign some love!

When your branded neon signs arrive, you post about it however you feel you can best show it off. Get your followers excited about what we've made for you, and feel free to say what you like - we want your reactions to be as organic as possible!

Who we've worked with