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Neon Signs for Kids Rooms

If you love the bright, flashing colors of a neon light, your little one is bound to! It's the perfect decor addition for your kids' room walls, whether they're newborns, preteens, or older.

All our signs are built with LED neon technology, which is absolutely safe to have indoors or outdoors and akin to any other LED light fixture in your home. Get fast shipping and a 2-year warranty when you shop with Radikal Neon®!

Place an Order in Four Easy Steps

Step 1
Design Your Sign

Pick one of our preset designs or create a custom one for your kid

Step 2
Choose a Color

We have over a dozen amazing neon-savvy colors for you to choose from

Step 3
Pick a Size

Create your sign in one of our standard sizes or specify your own measurements

Step 4
Place Your Order

Pay with a range of options. Approve a free design mockup of your sign

What's included in the box?

1 Ready to Glow LED Neon Sign
1 Wall Mounting Screw Kit
1 Power Supply
1 Region-Specific Wall Plug
We'll provide the correct wall plug depending on your location too!

We're Not Satisfied Until You Are

We love what we do at Radikal Neon and we want to make sure you do as well. You're guaranteed excellent customer service when you shop with us!

Instant Quote Before Purchase
1-2 Week Turnaround
Secure, Hassle-Free Checkout
Free and Fast Shipping

Level Up Your Kid's Room Decor

Let Your Kid Know Whose Room It Is

Neon lights have a striking presence on decor wherever they go. Create a custom neon sign with your kid's name to go on their bedroom wall. Help them establish a positive bond with their room and develop the confidence that comes with ownership.

Inspire Your Little One With Fun Designs

LED neon's a great way to create interesting designs, maybe even inspire artistic expression in your kid. Amp up their room decor with one of their favorite logos, artist creations, or pop culture imagery. Customize it to look how you want!

Create the Perfect Vibe With Neon Light

Neon lights cast a wonderful, inviting glow that can be perfect to help soothe your little one. Pick a cool blue, a warm yellow, or any of a dozen-plus colors for their room. LED neon is affordable to operate for long times and works much the same as any other LED light fixture. You can even add a dimmer to your purchase to modulate the brightness.

Experience Easy, Hassle-Free Installation

Mounting an LED neon sign is as simple as hanging a painting in your kid's room. It goes with a range of decor options and is absolutely safe to handle. Unlike traditional neon, it stays cool even after months of constant use.

Frequently Asked Questions