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LED vs. Neon Signs

LED or traditional neon? We compare the positives and negatives of each option to inform you which will suit you best!


LED Neon

Traditional Neon

Best option

Power Consumption

12V into 240V transformer.

Safer to work with. Uses very little electricity. About the same as a standard household light bulb, often consuming under 65 watts. (Cheaper to buy and run, plus you'll be saving the planet using less power).

610 watts & 400 watts for Fluorescent and Neon glass, respectively.

Almost 10 times the power consumption vs. LED neon for a very similar lighting effect.



Uses the Rad Super Mini SMD2845 LED which contains lots of little high quality LEDs. The use of LEDs in a PVC tube makes them very robust and tough to break vs. the fragility of traditional neon.

No noise & mild warmth to touch after continuous hours/days of use. Shock proof also.

Uses Argon or Neon Gas as opposed to LED. Fragile and easily shattered which will leave mercury and particles of shattered glass everywhere.

Makes a buzzing sound and it is hot to touch.



LED Flex Neon is a much more affordable modern technology that does not require special glass bending and other manufacturing techniques.

Typically LED Neon signs only cost 1/3 or 1/2 the price of a traditional neon sign.

Traditional neon signs require glass bending and other manufacturing techniques known by few and mastered by fewer - making this stunning method of the past a very expensive option vs. LED neon signs.



Our LED Neon averages 218 lumens (6% brighter). Some colors are brighter than others.

We often recommend dimmer remotes for some uses, but for store fronts and businesses, the brighter the better.

Traditional neon averaged 197 lumens.

Dimming traditional signs is often problematic, and it is a complicated process if you do want to turn it down.


Installation & Maintenance

Our LED Neon signs are simply hung like a painting and plugged in to illuminate. We supply either a Hanging Kit or a Mounting Kit.

No maintenance required besides the occasional dust with a feather duster. LEDs boast substantially lower running costs vs. traditional neon.

Traditional Neon signs require an electrician to install, which adds to the cost of the sign.

They also require a trained professional to attend to any maintenance issues, which often incurs further costs.



LED neon can last for up to 40,000 hours, or just over 4 years.

In that time the cost in power usage would be so low that when you do replace the LED sign you’ll only be paying what would have been spent powering a traditional neon sign.

Can easily last for up to 60,000 hours, or just over 6 years, as opposed to 4 for LED neon.

Certainly longer lasting vs. LED neon, but also more expensive to buy & run - also considerably more fragile with a higher risk of breakage. In most markets you could replace your old LED sign with a brand new one at a lesser cost than the cost of just 1 traditional neon sign, based on our market research into pricing.



Lightweight and not fragile, take all around the world by simply placing in your luggage. Great for tradeshows, food trucks and pop-up events.

Gain extra control with a dimmer remote changing the ambience of a space as you please.

Traditional Neon cannot often be shipped and would risk easily being shattered.

Moving the sign is only recommended by a trained professional. Dimming the sign or installing a dimmer is also a job for an electrician.


LED vs. traditional neon is much like the Tesla of the automotive industry. It’s slowly replacing the antiquated combustion engine of the past - as technology evolves so do signage products - and our Rad Super Mini LED Neon is the best we’ve come across!

Much like people collect LP records, traditional neon will be treated the same. A rare artform appreciated as a valuable good, but no longer the best fit for signage, whether it’s for your home, business or on the side of your building. This comparison is true in more ways than one.

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