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Neon Signs for Living Rooms

Neon signs aren't just for bars and man caves anymore — they're the perfect addition to any living space! Whether you want to add some ambiance to your movie nights or make a statement with a custom design, Radikal Neon has you covered. Why should you trust Radikal Neon? Well, we take customer satisfaction seriously. We're all about making you feel good about your purchase, from the moment you place your order to when your sign arrives. Plus, we offer a 2-year warranty on all of our custom neon decor! So go ahead, make your living room pop with a Radikal Neon sign — you won't regret it.

Neon Magic: Follow These 4 Steps to Create Your Own Custom Sign

Step 1
Design Your Sign

Unleash your inner designer and let your creativity run wild with Radikal Neon's user-friendly custom sign design tool.

Step 2
Choose a Color

With our vast selection of neon colors, you can select the perfect hue to suit your space or brand.

Step 3
Pick a Size

Go big or go home with our range of neon decor sizes! Our size selection allows you to create a masterpiece that perfectly fits your space.

Step 4
Place Your Order

Once you've designed your custom sign, simply place your order and get ready to bask in the glow of your luminous creation.

What's included in the box?

1 Ready to Glow LED Neon Sign
1 Wall Mounting Screw Kit
1 Power Supply
1 Region-Specific Wall Plug
We'll provide the correct wall plug depending on your location too!

A Customer-Focused Sign Experience with Radikal Neon

Meet Radikal Neon, your ultimate destination for dazzling neon signs and decor. With hundreds of 5-star ratings on Google, we strive for outstanding customer satisfaction with every order. Our team is friendly, reliable, and committed to making sure you get the perfect, high-quality neon creation to light up your world.

Brightly Illuminate Your Budget With Instant Neon Quotes
Rapidly Realize Your Dream Sign With Our Speedy Design Process
Checkout Securely with Confidence and Peace of Mind
Speedy, Free Global Shipping Straight to Your Doorstep

Light Up Your Living Room: Creative Ways to Use Neon Signs

Let Your Living Room Glow With Neon Ambiance

Your living room is the heart of your home, and what better way to inject some personality than with custom or pre-designed neon decor from Radikal Neon? Whether you want to immortalize a favorite quote, highlight a hobby or interest, or simply add some playful charm, our neon signs transform any space into a lively and unique oasis. Not only do they make for a striking conversation starter, but they also create an inviting and cozy ambiance that your guests won't forget.

Elevate Your Home's Vibe With the Ultimate Mood-Setter

If you're looking to revamp your living room and give your home a luminous lift, Radikal Neon's custom decor is the ultimate solution! With their bright and bold aesthetic, a custom neon sign adds a unique touch to your space and sets the perfect mood. Unlike typical wall decor, neon signs offer a distinctive charm that elevates your room to a whole new level of cool. From sleek and minimalist designs to playful pop culture motifs, a custom neon sign from Radikal Neon adds a touch of personality that can't be matched by anything else.

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