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Are Neon Signs Hot?

We explain why our signs don’t get hot!

Short answer: Not ours!
Long answer: As all of our signs use LED Neon , they have a very low voltage – 12 volts to be exact. As a result, they produce minimal to no heat, even when they’ve been on for days or weeks on end. The most they heat up is a slight warmth to touch after being on for extended periods of time.

Traditional neon signs on the other hand, do get very hot, as they have fluorescent neon gas and mercury running through them. We would not recommend touching them!

Safe to have in a kids room - or anywhere at home!

Our signs produce relatively no heat, and do not make any buzzing sounds. Making them the perfect home decor product to really spice up your space, without being a hazard.

You can even touch our signs and will not receive a shock, burn or risk shattering it!

Neon sign on wall in lounge

Your lounge can make an amazing space for our lights.

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