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Neon Sign for Bedrooms

Inject personality into your bedroom with an awesome neon sign! Say something funny or deep, or get a little naughty with your neon lights. Choose from hundreds of designs on offer or create your very own!

Buy top-quality signage that lasts you a long time at Radikal Neon¬ģ. Get free worldwide shipping and a 2-year warranty when you shop with¬†us!

Place an Order in Four Easy Steps

Step 1
Design Your Sign

Choose from our existing designs or create your own

Step 2
Choose a Color

Play with an exciting range of colors for your sign

Step 3
Pick a Size

Choose between four standard sizes or specify custom measurements

Step 4
Place Your Order

Pick from a range of payment options. Get a free mockup of your sign before delivery

What's included in the box?

1 Ready to Glow LED Neon Sign
1 Wall Mounting Screw Kit
1 Power Supply
1 Region-Specific Wall Plug
We'll provide the correct wall plug depending on your location too!

We Guarantee You'll Love Your Purchase

At Radikal¬ģ, we're not satisfied unless you are. Enjoy exceptional customer service with us, both before and after you buy. Check out some of our Google reviews to see what our customers think of¬†us!

Instant Quote Before Purchase
1-2 Week Turnaround
Secure, Hassle-Free Checkout
Free and Fast Shipping

The Possibilities Are Endless With Neon!

Go Deep Or Go Home

Dredge up the meaning of life from the recesses of your mind. Find a famous quote that inspires you to do better. Or barf up something you thought of last time you got blind drunk. Write it in neon on your bedroom wall!

Choose a Neon Sign for Beautiful Bedroom Decor

Check that basic decor at the door. The bedroom is where all your inner beauty should come alive! Choose from one of our gorgeous premade designs or come up with one that really shows your personality. If you can think of it, we'll build it!

Everyone Needs a Little Funny

Got a wacky sense of humor? Prove it with a neon light for your bedroom. Chuckle as you turn in for the night and wake up with a smile. See the funny side of life with a constant reminder next to your bed!

Unleash Your Artistic Side

With LED neon, you can create practically anything you like. Not much of a wordsmith? Choose a logo you love or a stunning celebrity design for your bedroom. Experiment with artistic neon signs with Radikal¬†Neon¬ģ.

Frequently Asked Questions