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It’s never been easier to design your Custom Neon Sign than with Radikal Neon

Radikal Neon is Los Angeles’ one stop customized neon sign design shop! Create your own personalized neon sign, or take a look at our range of pre-designed signs!

Yes, we build your dream piece of art and ship it to your door!

Radikal Neon specializes in creating the highest quality LED neon art for businesses, homes and for every occasion in between! Whether you’re getting married, celebrating a gender reveal, or simply trying to bring a smile to people’s faces - our long lasting signs create memories that will last a lifetime.

 personalized neon sign saying ‘well behaved women rarely make history’personalized neon sign saying ‘The Jameses’a personalized naughty neon sign with woman adjusting bathing suitpersonalized neon sign saying ‘crazy in love’

Radikal Neon will build your dream personalized neon sign faster than anyone else!

We’ve developed this Neon Sign Builder tool that puts you in the driver’s seat! Type in a word or phrase you want in neon, choose your favorite color(s), and we’ll sort the rest out for you!

Our Customized LED Neon signs are perfect for:

a person pointing at a personalized naughty neon sign


a personalized neon sign with a smiley face and text saying ‘Mr. Murdoch’s Local Pub & Rooftop


a personalized neon sign saying ‘love you to the moon and back’


Why LED Neon?

Bringing nostalgia of a time past into the future. We’re making that traditional medium of yesterday a perfectly accessible and equally awe-inspiring lighting solution today.

At Radikal Neon, we think personalized signs are the coolest and can bring character to any space, whether that’s at home, at the office, on show at your event, or the centerpiece of your wedding reception.

Traditional gas and glass neon is an expensive art: easily broken, a pain to install, and costly to run. So we searched high and low to come up with a solution to these issues.

That’s when we discovered LED Flex Neon: an environmentally friendly, user friendly, and wallet friendly alternative without all the downsides of glass neon. And so the ultimate glowing interior design installation was born.

Why Radikal Neon?

1: We’re the internet’s most trusted customized LED neon sign builders!

2: We work with people around the world: from businesses to bedrooms and from weddings to art exhibitions, Radikal Neon can be trusted to elevate the setting, big or small!

3: We have the brightest personalized LED neon signs in the game!

4: We have a robust customer service team that is equipped to help you at any turn in a timely manner. You’ll never feel abandoned — we’re always here to help.

How did Radikal Neon make it easy?

Simple: we’ve made these previously hard-to-attain accessories affordable, economical, robust, and straightforward!

All of our signs are plug-in-play, lasting for up to 40,000 hours or up to 4 years, and simply hang on your wall like a painting. We supply all the hardware to get your sign on the wall and shine at no extra cost with every order. Our personalized neon signs are handmade by experienced technicians using the highest quality certified materials available, so rest assured when you buy from us, your sign is going to look the best it can!

Find out why we’re the internet's most trusted neon sign creators!

Meet your neon design specialists