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How To Use Neon Signs for Restaurants

From a classy contemporary affair to the local burger joint that just tastes better at 3 AM, finding the right neon sign for a restaurant can elevate a great culinary experience to an unforgettable one.

A single neon light can do a lot in a restaurant or cafe. Other than being a fantastic source of atmospheric indoor lighting, hanging a neon sign in your restaurant (or even on the patio) is a quick way to turn heads and bring in more customers. Get inspired with our guide and light up your space today.

Serve Them LED

With a fired-up kitchen, hundreds of bustling customers and staff, and the occasional hot weather outside, you need to keep that restaurant cool. Traditional neon signs are difficult to use in these settings due to their tendency to heat up and emit obnoxious buzzing sounds.

If you’re looking at neon signs for restaurants, LED is the only way to go. Premium LED signs can run for longer periods without heating up, and you won’t have to worry about upsetting customers with a buzzing sign.

Sprinkle In Some Neon

Not every restaurant has the space for large neon lights, but with a bit of creative thinking, you won’t need it. For example, you can light up your interiors with an adorable ice cream neon sign for a cozy vibe that stays around long after summer’s over.

Ready to step off the beaten path? Our Ambilamp minimalist floor lamps can fit into any nook and light up the room with a subtle design that stays under the radar. Once the sun’s down, switch up the mood for your customers with the remote control!

Use a Delicious Quote

Just like food, there’s a perfect quote for every situation. Build an open, inviting space with a ‘Come As You Are’ neon sign, or, you can opt for something a little wittier if you’re working with a lowkey cafe-style setting. One of the best advantages of using neon signs for restaurants is that they give you a ton of flexibility. With how easy it is to install a neon sign, you can always switch out one quote for another in minutes.

Stand Out With a Custom Sign

Nothing says dedication quite like a custom neon sign in a restaurant. Whether you’re looking to make your logo pop in dazzling neon or just bring a unique menu item to life, creating a custom neon light gives you full control over your space and makes for an irreplaceable atmosphere.

LED neon signs aren’t just more affordable than the competition, they also bring an unmatched level of flexibility to the table. If you’re working with a team of experts, they’ll be able to keep up with your vision and bring even the most eccentric designs to life.

Today’s Special: Radikal Neon®

If you’re looking for success served on a platter, choosing a neon light for your restaurant is a great place to start. Turn occasional customers into weekly regulars by creating an unforgettable ambiance that just can’t be matched by your average interior lighting, and stand out while doing it.

If you’re looking to go the extra mile with a branded neon sign for your restaurant, visit Radikal Neon®! Our extensive 12-month warranty and free worldwide shipping have helped thousands of restaurants grow in style with high-quality LED signs. Reach out to us today to get started.