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7 Ways to Use LED Neon Signs for Your Business

There’s nothing quite like a vivid neon light to get someone to stop in their tracks and take notice. Ever since they were first used in the 1920s, they’ve been a favorite tool for businesses to stand out among their competitors. In fact, these lights are experiencing something of a renaissance lately. Establishments everywhere are using branded neon signs in their stores and outside them to attract patrons. 

The only major difference today is that the neon signs used for businesses employ LED technology. These are different from the traditional neon signs that were so ubiquitous until the 1960s—LED neon signs consist of hundreds of small light diodes in polymer casing. Traditional neon signs are typically made from glass and filled with compressed argon or neon gas. LED neon is more affordable, more eco-friendly, and more durable than its traditional counterpart, making it popular with modern businesses. 

Here are seven different ways you can use LED neon signs for your business:

1. Visibility

In a bustling street lined with shops, billboards, posters, and other adverts, a branded neon sign is your best bet to differentiate yourself. You can use it to brighten up your storefront, impress passers-by, and attract more footfall. You can also prop it up on a frame above your store so that it’s visible from a distance and easy to find. An LED neon light makes it easy to spot and recognize your business, especially at nighttime or on a dark street. 

It’s also a great way to market your products and services. They work particularly well for hospitality establishments like a bar, cafe, or restaurant. They are also an excellent choice for all sorts of consumer products, from apparel to footwear, electronics, and more. Only your own creativity limits what an LED neon sign can do for your business.

2. Internal Decor

A relatively recent innovation in businesses is using neon signs in their stores as decor. These lights can completely lift the vibe of a place and add a tremendous amount of personality to their surroundings. Customers love them because they don’t expect to see one when they walk in. You can use LED neon signage to decorate a blank wall space or choose to place it strategically to draw attention to a product display. Whether you’re a nightclub, an ice cream shop, or a car dealership, there is a perfect neon sign for your business. 

3. Creativity

LED neon lets you express yourself in a way traditional neon doesn’t. Unlike with traditional glass neon signs, LED neon’s tiny lights are encased in flexible polymer tubing. This tube can be bent into practically any shape, making it perfect for creative and original designs. Whether you want to spell out your brand name or a catchy message or simply accentuate a display in your store, LED neon signs are ideal for your business. 

What’s more, LED neon signs are almost infinitely customizable. You can individually control all the little lights in the tubing and have them change color, flash or fade or follow patterns. You can also use a dimmer to adjust them for day and night display or set the mood. Incidentally, this is impossible with traditional neon lights, which are either on or off at all times.  

4. Inexpensive Lighting

Another reason LED neon signs are great for businesses is that they’re much more affordable. They consume as little as 65 watts of power (about as much as a standard light bulb), compared to around 620 watts for traditional neon. They’re also cheaper to buy, costing only as much as half or a third of the price of a glass neon sign. This is often down to the fact that glass is expensive to mold into various shapes, whereas PVC tubing can be bent by hand. 

It’s also inexpensive to install and maintain LED signs. Radikal Neon’s signs, for instance, are supported by a transparent acrylic backing and installing them is as easy as hanging a painting. Repairing and maintaining them is also much more convenient than a glass neon sign, which needs to be periodically refilled with argon gas. 

5. Lighting for Dim Interiors

LED neon signs are great for businesses and establishments with dim interiors or those that want to be more creative in how they light up their spaces. Some of the best LED neon signs can put out an average of 218 lumens of brightness, which is more than that of traditional neon. That’s a lot of brightness when you think about it! 

You can easily use LED neon lights to illuminate parts of your bar or cafe or create a mood if you want something more unique than run-of-the-mill lighting. This is a great way to add to both the decor and illumination of your establishment in one go.  

6. Creating an Iconic Memory

The great thing about neon signs is that they’re iconic and can stick around in people’s memories for a long time. Neon signs can be useful for businesses that want to establish a powerful brand presence in the market. You can leverage it years later to evoke brand-recall and nostalgia among your customers and prompt a renewed interest in your brand. Branded neon signs like those that dot the Las Vegas cityscape are instantly recognizable all over the world.  

7. Replacing Your Old Glass Neon Light

Another great reason to consider LED neon is to upgrade your traditional neon signs with modern technology. If your business has used gas neon signs for a while and you find that they’re inordinately difficult to maintain, handle, or even run, LED neon replacements might just be the right solution for you. They let you retain the brilliance and drama of neon that you love so much, while offering a more affordable and reliable way to provide it.

Not only are LED signs cheaper to run, they last a long time and are a whole lot safer. They’re very hard to break or tear even if they do fall down—and, importantly, they don’t get hot. Traditional neon signs in your store can be a safety hazard because they are very hot to the touch and are made of glass, which can shatter on impact and release harmful mercury or neon gas everywhere. 

LED neon signs have been hugely successful for all kinds of businesses. They’re attractive attention-grabbers that can be used in a variety of ways to promote and enhance your establishment.

At Radikal Neon, we offer both pre-designed and custom LED neon signs for your business. Transform your space, immortalize your logo, and inject new energy into your surroundings with our high-quality branded neon signs. 

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