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Color Gallery: Pick Your Neon Sign Aesthetic

With so many different lighting options at your disposal, finding the right ideas with our LED neon lights is key to creating your ultimate vibe. Looking for some help in your journey? Check out our neon sign inspiration gallery below and use the lighting bolts to filter ideas by your favorite color. Regardless of whether you’re decorating an outdoor space, an entertainment room, or the front of a business, we have inspiring ideas for everyone.

Select a color to see examples of it in real life:


Add that central piece your space has been missing to set it all off, the team @thisiswestpark get it! 🫡

Having trouble keeping your plants alive? We have the perfect solution for you! In fact these plants hate water - and if you pour water on you neon plant, it will actually kill it! 😂

The only club we want to be part of after feeling the opposite over the Christmas season 😅🎄

Let your space Bloesem with a neon in a shade that matches the surrounds! Our fan favourite Cheeky Peach fitting right in here 👌

Narrator: That bitch was in fact in glasses 😎

Morning coffee here would cure anyone’s Mondayitis ☕️ @sundays_______

Radikal: How much detail do you want on your sign? Client: Yes ✅

If your walls could talk 😅

Crowd favourite colour, our Flamingo Blush Pink paring perfectly with the surrounding tones 🦩

Why not? It’s the weekend after all 💃🕺

Looking at you 🫵😉

Wanna go hard in the paint? @beatsandbrushesnz might just be what you’re looking for 🎨

Looking for a new Tinder profile pic? We’ve got you covered ✅

You had me at HELLO 👋

Night & Day: we’re so fast we’ll have your sign made even before your store is open 💨

Whether you like to drink like a fish, or just eat it - this is probably the spot for you 🐟🍟

Can’t argue, the disco balls are a rad touch! 🕺

Giving the team at @thephoenixeffect the Radikal Neon effect 💥

Live, Loud & Bright - don't let them forget the name at your next gig! 🤩

Need a little neon touch? Just reach out 🫳

Our interpretation of Auckland if we’re elected Mayor 🌞

Shine a Light On Fresh Ideas From Radikal Neon

Radikal neon sign ideas abound in our inspiration gallery to help you find the right way to use our LED neon lights in your space. Whether you have an idea that you want to see in action or simply an aesthetic you’re aiming for, our inspirational neon sign gallery gives you the extra support you need to make the right lighting choice.

Establish a Vibe With Radikal Neon

Our neon signs aren’t just made for lighting; they’re designed for expression. Whether you want to inspire, cultivate peace, decorate your bar area, or even forge your own aesthetic with a unique design, our neon signs offer you everything you need to personalize your space.

Radikal Neon Is Accessible to Everyone

The world should share in the glow of neon. We make this happen by offering you access to great discounts, affordable pricing through LED design, and free shipping worldwide! Just order your favorite design, receive it in a couple of weeks, and hang it in your favorite area!

Customize Your Neon