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Radikal Neon x you?


Neon merchandise made easy.

We've worked with brands, artists and influencers across the world to create legendary pieces of unique merchandise that sell across a wide range of consumer categories.

How it works?

It's simple.

We Design

Provide us with a design, or have our design team come up with some designs! We also suggest your RRPs based on our much lower cost‑to‑you pricing too.

We Sample

When you're happy with the design we send you a sample of the LED Neon sign you'd like to sell - at no cost. You can use it to build hype, promote and take product photos.

You Sell

Sell as many as you can! Then once you're ready, send us a quantity order and we'll only make as many as you sell, so you don't have to guess the amount you'll sell or hang onto any stock - the more you sell the cheaper they get too!

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