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Can Neon Signs Get Wet?

We explain how we waterproof our LED Neon Signs to ensure they can be used outdoors with no issues!

Yes, they can! Our signs can be made to resist damage from water and be used outdoors. All you’ve got to do is specify you’d like to use it outdoors when you speak with our Design & Sales team.

Naturally, our Rad Super Mini LED Neon is IP65 water resistant, but there’s a few extra steps we need to take when making signs to improve water resistance.

How do you waterproof your signs?

We use a range of glues & silicone filler to seal the gaps made when producing our LED neon signs. Such as wires that connect letters, often these holes reveal ‘weak-points’ in the sign that if not sealed water can access and damage the electrics.

We thoroughly check each sign when applying our glues & silicones to ensure we’ve sealed it correctly.

All of our custom outdoor signs include a 6-month electrical warranty.

Waterproofed neon sign

Here we’ve used silicon glues to seal any gaps and ensure water cannot breach the outer PVC tube.

A neon sign encased in acrylic for waterproofing

This LED Neon sign pictured here has been placed under an acrylic shield as it is placed high up on a building.

What about exterior signs that are prone to heavy rain and other weather extremes?

In the case that the client or we deem the exterior space the sign is to be fitted too exposed or prone to weather extremes (high-rise buildings or buildings over 5 stories), then we will suggest an acrylic shield to fully protect the sign.

The acrylic shield is carefully applied over the top of the sign and sealed around the edges to prevent any water entering.

The pictured 'Majestic' sign is an example of one we’ve previously made, and covered with an acrylic shield. This photo shows how the visual effect of how that looks on the side of a large inner city building.

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