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You've gotta lighten up your life every now and then.

We're keeping it rad in the 21st century! Bringing nostalgia of a time past into the future, making that traditional medium of yesterday a perfectly accessible lighting solution today.

At Radikal Neon we think neon is the coolest and can truly bring character to any space. But we've previously found traditional gas / glass neon a medium an expensive art; easily broken, a pain to install and costly to run. So we searched high and low to come up with a solution to these issues.

That's when we discovered LED Flex Neon. An environmentally friendly, user friendly and wallet friendly alternative without all the downsides glass neon has. And so, the ultimate glowing interior design installation was born. Check out a detailed Traditional vs. Radikal comparison here.

Radikal Neon Team
Curran Street neon office Auckland

Today, these previously hard to attain accessories are now very affordable; economical, robust and simply plug-in-play lasting for up to 50,000 hours (Yup you read that right, that's up to 5 years of usage!), how's that for user-friendly? All our neon artworks are handmade by experienced technicians using the highest quality certified materials available.

For more information on our LED Neon Signs, check out our About the Product page.

We're always looking forward to helping you light up your space with your own designs. Got an idea? We'd love to hear it!

If you have questions our FAQs haven't answered, feel free to get in touch so we can help you get lit.

Tom & the rest of the Rad Gang :)

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