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Get Enlightened

Get Enlightened
Here's the sign your wall needs neon

Creativity and inspiration don’t always come easy. Fortunately, Radikal Neon is here to make your design journey a bit easier. Whether you’re looking to spark ideas for your own custom neon wall signs or ideas for how to style specific signs in your space, our blog gives you all the information and inspiration you need. Light the way with our helpful blog posts and discover all the neon sign room decor that Radikal has to offer.

Watch Rad TV

Radikal Neon TV

Get up close and personal with the company behind your neon wall signs. We’re all about transparency!

Our YouTube channel is a great place to learn more about how your favorite neon sign room decor is created and what goes into the process. You can also find further information on how unique custom designs can be applied in your space. Check out RadTV to see what Radikal Neon is all about!

Find inspiration

Find inspiration

From weddings to backyard bars, we design neon wall signs for numerous businesses and personal occasions. Your neon journey begins here.

Looking for inspiration for your space?

Have something specific in mind? Create your own unique design, and we’ll bring your idea to life.

Tag us on Instagram @radikalneon to be featured.

Frequently Asked Questions


Founded in 2016, Radikal Neon is one of the world’s fastest producing LED companies today. Learn more about us on our FAQ page!

What warranties do your neon wall signs have?

All of our signs produced for indoor use include a 12-month warranty valid from the date of dispatch. This warranty is free and includes all electrical components too (transformers, AC Plugs and Dimmers).

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How do you install led neon signs?

Installing our LED neon signs is easy! Simply place your sign up against the wall, mark on the wall where the mounting holes will be drilled, and drill them to seamlessly install your new LED sign.

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Are neon signs safe?

LED neon signs are completely safe! Made from durable PVC tubing and LED lighting, these signs don’t shatter easily and don’t produce heat or gasses that could pose an issue to your health or safety.

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Can neon signs go outside?

Neon signs can go outside. If you’re planning on placing your new light outside, we build an acrylic box around your light to keep it safe from the elements and preserve the quality of your sign.

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What’s the difference between led and traditional neon signs?

Neon signs employ thin glass tubes and neon gas to produce the bright colors seen in previous decades. Our LED neon signs use PVC tubing to offer a premium, safer experience.

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How long do neon signs last?

Our signs last for approximately 40,000 hours of use or over four years of use. No matter where it’s going, this will keep your space lit for a while!

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