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Free Express Shipping Worldwide 🌎
Free Express Shipping Worldwide 🌎

Neon Signs for Home Bars

Recreate that perfect bar vibe at home with a neon light. Switch it on once your crew gathers and watch the conversation flow. We have a range of kickass designs for you to choose from. You can also create your own with our Custom Neon Builder.

Expect high-quality neon signs when you shop at Radikal Neon®. Get free shipping and a 2 year warranty with your purchase!

Place an Order in Four Easy Steps

Step 1
Design Your Sign

Choose from one of our awesome design or create your own

Step 2
Choose a Color

Pick any of a dozen-plus exciting colors for your neon sign

Step 3
Pick a Size

Your sign can be as big or small as you want. Select a preset or custom measurement

Step 4
Place Your Order

Pay with a range of options. Approve a free design proof for your sign

What's included in the box?

1 Ready to Glow LED Neon Sign
1 Wall Mounting Screw Kit
1 Power Supply
1 Region-Specific Wall Plug
We'll provide the correct wall plug depending on your location too!

Each Sign Is Special

At Radikal Neon®, we take immense pride in our work and we'd like you to love your sign as much as we do. Experience exceptional pre- and after-sales support when you shop with us!

Instant Quote Before Purchase
1-2 Week Turnaround
Secure, Hassle-Free Checkout
Free and Fast Shipping

It's Not a Bar Unless There Are Neon Lights Nearby

You Can't Go Wrong With a Vintage Neon Sign for Your Home Bar

There's a theory that bars in the '60s had to add neon lights outside so that bleary-eyed customers could easily spot one when they went bar-hopping. Maybe we made that up. Who's to say?

It's the Best Conversation Starter

Have some first-time guests coming over? Get that neon light prepped and waiting. Beer and conversation flow much more smoothly with some neon around.

Neon Is the Ultimate Decor Addition

LED neon is versatile and the perfect decor addition for almost any space. Whether you've got a home bar in your living room, lounge, or down in your man cave, a neon sign will help you set the vibe.

Get That Perfect Muted Bar Vibe With Neon Lights

What kind of bar blinds you with a million light fixtures? You don't need them anyway when you've got neon. LED neon is affordable to use for extended periods. You can also buy a dimmer to modulate the brightness until it's got the perfect bar room glow.

Frequently Asked Questions